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South Sea Pearl Oysters

At Kyllonen, we take the most precious gems from the water (Pearls) and from the earth (Diamonds) to make the most elegant and beautiful jewelry. We make it our mission to provide you with the most beautiful gems in the world. Few things are as precious and rare as the jewelry we produce and we know that if you have one of our gems, you will have something special. We provide a complete experience of luxury and satisfaction with every piece of jewelry. Each piece is unique and has its own story.


Pearls have been adorned for thousands of years by the rich, the royal and the lucky. They are the only organic gemstone and are admired for their shiny luster and beautiful orient. Pearls are formed naturally in mollusks but are extremely rare. Fortunately, techniques have been developed to encourage the growth of the pearl and have made them commercially available. Pearls are farmed all throughout Asia. At Kyllonen we provide all of the most common types of pearls

Freshwater, Edison, Akoya, Tahitian, South Sea White and South Sea Gold, each coming from a different region. At Kyllonen we have been able to connect with pearl farmers throughout Asia and Oceania in order to get the best selection and quality pearls. We only selected the top 5% of pearl harvests to ensure only the top quality because you deserve nothing less. 


After selecting the finest pearls and diamonds in the world we take the loose gems and match them to the most beautiful pieces of jewelry. The founder, James Kyllonen, goes through a design process in which he sketches designs based on his inspirations from the world around him. These sketches are done either by hand or digitally then moved to a Computer Aided Design program. Once the design is finalized it is sent to a foundry to cast, and mold and made. Although each design take time and inspiration, once the design is made it can be replicated with ease indefinitely. His style is simple, classy, but unique. They have classic appeal that is timeless and renewed generation after generation.